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Article Archive Jul. 2011

Dandong Foundry is a professional Iron and Steel Casting Manufacturer in China. We share some standards
 and experiences to help buyers to better understand some technical issues with iron and steel castings.

  1. Grey Iron vs. Nodular Iron - on Jul. 29, 2011
    Many people will wonder the differences between grey iron and nodular iron, this article is intended to introduce the grey iron and nodular iron in microstructure, physical properties and chemical composition.

  2. Special lost foam casting technique - on Jul. 28, 2011
    Special lost foam casting technique is a new lost foam casting technique which combines the lost foam casting technique to the other techniques. It is an accurately fresh technique.

  3. The Development Orientation of China's Iron Foundry Industry - on Jul. 27, 2011
    As one basic industry of equipment manufacturing, iron foundry industry has made great strides after the reform and opening up. Since 2000, China's casting production has ranked first in the world, and become a big casting manufacturing country.

  4. Various Cast Iron Products Made in China - on Jul. 26, 2011
    Cast iron products are the base of industries and civil use, there are countless various iron castings. As a normal cast iron foundry in China, we have produced over 2000 types of cast iron parts in the past 50 years.

  5. DIN 1695-81 for Wear Resisting Cast Iron - on Jul. 25, 2011
    This is a Germany standard for the physical properties and chemical analysis of wear resisting cast iron, or abrasion resistant cast iron. the types of wear resisting cast iron includes antifriction cast iron and anti-wear cast iron. Wear resisting cast iron has higher hardness and wears resistance.

  6. SAE J434 for Automotive Ductile (Nodular) Iron Castings - on Jul. 22, 2011
    The SAE standard covers the minimum mechanical properties measured on separately cast test pieces of varying thickness and micro-structural requirements for ductile iron castings used in automotive and allied industries.

  7. How to prevent sand casting defect: slag hole - on Jul. 21, 2011
    A variety of sand casting defects often occur in iron castings, how to prevent these defects has been a concern of sand casting plant. This article describes some knowledge of prevent the occurrence of slag hole in this area and practical experience according Dandong Foundry.

  8. The classification and nature of the nodulizer for ductile iron - on Jul. 19, 2011
    Nodulizer is the primary mean of accessing to ductile iron. This article will briefly analyze the classification and nature of the nodulizer.

  9. How to inspect the ductile iron - on Jul. 18, 2011
    Nowadays, iron foundries supply varies of ductile iron products, ranging from low quality to high quality. How to detect the ductile iron to control the quality? This is the experience from Dandong Foundry in China for your reference.

  10. Comparison Table of Cast Aluminum Alloy Grades - on Jul. 14, 2011
    Cast aluminum alloy has very good liquidity and plasticity, and it can be used to produce the castings with complex shape, so it has been widely used in automobile manufacturing, engine manufacturing, motorcycle manufacturing, oil pump manufacturing, transmission machinery, precision instruments, and electric power construction.

  11. A 247 Standard for Evaluating the Microstructure of Graphite in Iron Castings - on Jul. 13, 2011
    The microstructure of graphite is very important for inspection to the quality of iron castings, especially for cast iron parts on automotive, engineer machinery.

  12. The Application of Ductile Iron in Pump - on Jul. 12, 2011
    As a necessary branch of cast iron, ductile iron have such advantages as good heat resistance, a certain degree of corrosion resistance, good mechanical strength at high temperature, good impact resistance. Iron foundries often combine pump with ductile iron, producing more pump parts of high quality.

  13. Comparison Table of Stainless Steel Grades - on Jul. 11, 2011
    Stainless steel is also called as stainless acid resistant steel. It is very good corrosion resistant, aesthetically beautiful, non-fade and easy to clean. Moreover, its life time is very long.

  14. What Can Affect the Quality of Iron Castings? - on Jul. 08, 2011
    The quality of iron castings is very important to the development of an iron foundry, and there are many elements that influence the quality of iron castings, such as design process, casting process, the quality of raw materials and technological operation.

  15. Comparison Table for Some Gray Iron Casting Grades - on Jul. 07, 2011
    ASTM A48, SAE J431, GM 274M and ASTM A126 are standards for gray cast iron. They have some grades which have some equal or similar mechanical properties, such as tensile strength and hardness.

  16. How to eliminate sand hole and skin pores in ductile iron castings - on Jul. 05, 2011
    Skin pores and sand hole are common casting defects, which has a serious impact on their performance. How to eliminate sand hole and skin pores in ductile iron casting? According to the experience of Dandong Foundry, we will start from factors to look for the answers.

  17. The problems of cast foundry in China - on Jul. 04, 2011
    Cast foundry as an important branch of heavy industry, makes a great contribution to national economic development. It is important to understand of the development of China's foundry industry rationally, objectively and fairly.

  18. Comparison Table of Structural Alloy Steel Grades - on Jul. 01, 2011
    Structural alloy steel has higher tensile strength, fatigue strength, ductility and toughness. Structural alloy steel castings are used for machine tool parts, ship parts, vehicle parts and aircraft parts, etc.



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