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Article Archive Mar. 2011

Dandong Foundry is a professional Iron Casting Manufacturer in China. We share some standards and experiences in our blog,
and truly hope these information could help buyers to better understand some technical issues related with iron and steel castings.

  1. Cast iron plate made in China - on Mar. 31, 2011
    Cast iron plate is also called as cast iron flat. Cast iron plate is used for workpiece detection. It is indispensable basic tool in mechanical manufacturing.
  2. Factors that affect sand casting costs - on Mar. 30, 2011
    There are many factors that will affect the sand casting costs. Herein, we list some main factors, and hope these information could be helpful to casting buyers.
  3. Cast Iron Agricultural Machine Parts Made in China - on Mar. 29, 2011
    In China, you could find many types of agricultural machinery, such as tractors, weeding machines, and harvesters etc. the materials of agricultural machinery parts include grey iron, ductile iron and cast steel.
  4. How to calculate cast steel cost - on Mar. 28, 2011
    The calculation of cast steel parts are very complex. It need many professional knowledge to cast steel production processes, material composition and costs etc. However, we could introduce some main aspects for buyers to get an approximate estimation to the cast steel costs.
  5. Typical Defects of Ductile Iron Castings - on Mar. 25, 2011
    The following typical defects of ductile iron castings are based on the experiences of process engineers from Dandong Foundry in China. We hope these information could be helpful for other iron foundries and casting buyers.
  6. How to calculate the price of rough iron castings - on Mar. 24, 2011
    As a buyer for iron castings, you may always wonder how to estimate the reasonable prices of your iron casting parts, to evaluate the quotations from your potential suppliers. Since the machining costs are more complex, so we can not make it clear in one article, but as for the price of rough castings, we can briefly introduce its main aspects.
  7. Where to buy cheap iron castings - on Mar. 23, 2011
    As for a buyer for iron castings, the prices are always the most important consideration. In my works in iron foundry for many years, I was also wondering if our cast iron prices were the cheapest in the world. Unfortunately, we were not. There are many iron foundries worldwide who could produce the iron castings by the lower costs than ours.
  8. The differences of iron foundries and steel foundries in China - on Mar. 22, 2011
    In the past, one of our clients asked about the differences of iron foundries and steel foundries in China, herein, I made a brief introduction about this issue, and hope this could be helpful for other metal casting purchasers.
  9. Technical Specification for Material Defects to Metal Castings - on Mar. 21, 2011
    This Technical Specification describes permissible and non-permissible material defects with regard to iron and steel castings, especially for housings, covers, boxes, brackets, rims and rings etc.
  10. Inspection Methods to Ductile Iron Castings - on Mar. 18, 2011
    Normal casting defects of ductile iron include some macro-defects, such as air holes, sand inclusion, slag inclusion, shrinkage or shrinkage cavity, and some micro-defects, such as unqualified nodularity rate and too large grain size, etc.
  11. DIN 7168 - General dimension tolerances for iron and steel castings - on Mar. 17, 2011
    DIN 7168 is a general tolerance standard for linear and angular dimensions, which could be widely used for inspection to cast iron and cast steel castings. It is a very useful standard for buyers and suppliers.
  12. Cast Iron Pipe Fittings Made in China - on Mar. 16, 2011
    Pipe fittings are the accessories of connecting pipes. Pipe fittings usually include elbows, tee joints, four-way adapters, short tubes, sockets, bends, flanges and plugs, etc.
  13. Metal Patterns for Sand Castings in China - on Mar. 15, 2011
    In the quotations of iron castings, you may find the suppliers proposed to use metal patterns for production, so you may be confused about what the metal patterns meant, and why they were so costly. Of course, you may wonder if the metal patterns were necessary for your products. Herein, I make a brief introduction for metal patterns based on my working experience in Dandong Foundry of China.
  14. Nodulizing Grades of Ductile Iron - on Mar. 14, 2011
    Nodulizing grades are also called as nodularity grades, nodularization grades, or percent of spheroidization. It is a very important indicator to evaluation the quality of ductile iron microstructure. High nodulizing grade means the high quality and better mechanical properties of iron casting parts.
  15. Casting Process of Grey Iron Belt Pulley - on Mar. 13, 2011
    Grey iron belt pulley is a kind of iron casting with very high technical requirements. We talked about its casting process by an example of material ASTM A48 CLASS 35, weight 1500 kg and outside diameter 1100mm.
  16. Cast Iron Price Trend and Production Costs in 2011 of China - on Mar. 11, 2011
    After Chinese New Year (CNY) holiday, the cast iron prices in China have been increased largely, and this change was sudden and serious, so many clients were doubted about what reasons have caused the price increasing, and what price trend will it be in 2011.
  17. Cast Iron Hydrant Made in China - on Mar. 10, 2011
    Hydrant is a fixed fire hydrant equipment. It can control the burnable, to eliminate the ignition point. The material of cast iron hydrant includes grey iron and ductile iron.
  18. Reasonable Cast Iron Hardness Range - on Mar. 09, 2011
    The hardness has large affect to the properties of cast iron. Too low hardness will cause the low tensile strength, reduce the resistance to abrasion, so reduce the lifetime of iron castings.
  19. The Types of Barbecue Grates Made in China - on Mar. 08, 2011
    In China, you could find many types of barbecue grates, such as cast iron barbecue grates, grey iron barbecue grates, stainless steel barbecue grates, and enamel barbecue grates, etc.
  20. Ductile Iron 65-45-12 in China - on Mar. 07, 2011
    65-45-12 is the material grade of ductile iron ANSI / ASTM A536 65-45-12. This grade has higher tensile strength but lower elongation. The followings are its physical, chemical properties and its application.
  21. Cast Iron in Ancient China - on Mar. 03, 2011
    This article is a revised version of a talk Mr. Donald B. Wagner gave at the one-day Symposium on Cast Iron in Ancient China. We listed some main part of content to share with the friends working in iron casting industry.
  22. Cast Iron Accessories Made in China - on Mar. 02, 2011
    Cast iron accessories are also called as cast iron fittings or cast iron mountings. The accessories are parts or components of machines.
  23. Distribution of Metal Foundries in China - on Mar. 01, 2011
    Since 2000, China has become the largest country for producing metal castings. There are over 20 thousands of metal foundries in China. The following is the distribution of these metal foundries.



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