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The Development Orientation of China's Iron Foundry Industry

As one basic industry of equipment manufacturing, iron foundry industry has made great strides after the reform and opening up. Since 2000, China's casting production has ranked first in the world, and become a big casting manufacturing country. However, China is still far from a casting power. The rapid growth of China's casting production is largely based on the cost of high energy consumption, high resource consumption, pollution and cheap labor.

After China's accession to WTO, cast iron foundry industry is faced with more opportunities than challenges and has a greater growth potential in both domestic and international markets.

Advanced technology’s penetration and integration with the traditional industries is making a greater impact on iron foundry gradually. The application of artificial intelligence and neural network technology makes it able to improve casting production control systems significantly. The set up of forecasting and quality assurance system will play an important role in improving operating conditions and reducing costs.

In the future, cast iron foundry industry will be improved in the following areas:

(1) Make machine tool industry, energy industry, petrochemical industry and offshore engineering as the main goal, with heavy, high, big, difficult as characteristics, to carry out basic research of major technical equipment and casting techniques. Develop numerical simulation, physical simulation and expert systems to make iron technology change from the "experience" to "quantitative."

(2) Make the automotive, aerospace and nuclear industries as the main goal, with toughening, lightweight, and precision and efficiency as the characteristics, to carry out new research of new material and new technology.

(3) In order to improve product quality and productivity, and enhance China's industrial products competitiveness in the international market, we can carry out the casting process automation, flexible manufacturing systems and integrated manufacturing technologies.

(4) Encourage basic theory research of cast iron technology with a great application potential.

(5) Develop specialized and modern enterprises to provide iron craft materials and accessories.

(6) Develop green intensive casting, increase the control of environmental pollution during casting process, and strengthen the regeneration and reuse of casting materials.

As an important foundry in China, Dandong Foundry will make efforts in these areas to provide more and better iron cast products.

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