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Various Cast Iron Products Made in China

Cast iron products are the base of industries and civil use, there are countless various iron castings. As a normal cast iron foundry in China, we have produced over 2000 types of sand castings in the past 50 years. So, what can cast iron be used to produce? The followings are the iron castings made by gray iron (grey iron) and ductile iron (nodular iron, SG iron). We hope this list could answer this question.

  1. Axle Support for tractors and trucks

  2. Barbecue Grill Pans

  3. Brake Disk for automotive

  4. Brake Drum for tractors and trucks

  5. Brake holder

  6. Belt Pulley for crushers

  7. Boiler Ash Door

  8. Burner Head for gas stoves

  9. Bearing Support

  10. Bearing Pedestal

  11. Bearing Block

  12. Capstan Head Castings

  13. Cast Iron Weight

  14. Cast Iron Plate

  15. Cover Plate

  16. Cast Iron Bracket

  17. Cast Iron Base

  18. Cast Iron Wheel

  19. Cast Iron Skillet

  20. Cast Iron Cookware

  21. Cast Iron Spiral Staircase

  22. Cast Iron Railings

  23. Cast Iron Wall Brackets

  24. Cast Iron Lamp Post

  25. Cast Iron Gates

  26. Cast Iron Baluster

  27. Cast Iron Gate Valve

  28. Cast Iron Hand Wheel (Pilot Wheel)

  29. Cast Iron Railing

  30. Cast Iron Filter

  31. Cast Iron Fireplace

  32. Cast Iron Lift Leg

  33. Cast Iron Anti-creeper

  34. Cast Iron Elevator Parts

  35. Cast Iron Roller

  36. Cast Iron Square Box

  37. Cast Iron Excavator Parts

  38. Cast Iron Agricultural Machinery Parts

  39. Cast Iron Kitchen Hardware

  40. Cast Iron Auto Parts

  41. Cast Iron Sculpture

  42. Cast Iron Elbow Pipe

  43. Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeve

  44. Cast Iron Drain and Rainwater Systems

  45. Cast Iron Radiators

  46. Cast Iron Vane Wheel

  47. Cast Iron Chimney

  48. Crude Oil Engine Parts

  49. Crankshaft for trucks

  50. Crankcase

  51. Compressor Body

  52. Connecting Block

  53. Connecting Spoke

  54. Construction Hardware

  55. Cylinder Cap

  56. Chair Arm

  57. Differential shell

  58. Flange for pipes

  59. Furnace Plate

  60. Flywheel for automotive

  61. Loader Accessories

  62. Manhole Cover and Frame

  63. Marine Hardware

  64. Machinery Parts

  65. Pump Body

  66. Pipe Fitting

  67. Pump Cover

  68. Pipe Elbow

  69. Pipe Clamp

  70. Pedestal Base

  71. Piston for Compressor and Cylinder

  72. Railway Parts

  73. Stove Burner

  74. Stove Plate

  75. Stove Grill

  76. Stove Chimney

  77. Stove Burner Base

  78. Stove Grate

  79. Steering Knuckle

  80. Support Beam

  81. Tractor Gear Box

  82. Table Base

  83. Truck Swing Bracket

  84. Tugboat Metal Parts

  85. Valve Body

  86. Vent Pipe

  87. Volute Housing

  88. Wheel hub

  89. Workbench Plate

  90. Continuing ...

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