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The problems of cast foundry in China

Cast foundry as an important branch of heavy industry, makes a great contribution to national economic development. It is important to understand of the development of China's foundry industry rationally, objectively and fairly.

2010, China's casting production reached 39.6 million tons, accounting for 40% of world casting production, ranking first in the world for 11 consecutive years. We have significantly improved casting quality, been able to produce automobiles, diesel engines and machine tools, wind power and other large, complex castings. Many of them have replace imported products, filled the gap.

But we should clearly see that the cast foundries in China are still many problems:

1. Low levels of the casting process and the poor quality of casting quality

1.1 Large casting allowance

Lacking of scientific design guidelines, it is difficult for process designers to control the deformation and casting allowance by their own experiences. So, the dimensional accuracy is generally one to three times more than that in developed foreign countries.

1.2 The segregation and inclusion of large iron castings is serious.

1.3 Serious casting crack problem.

1.4 Unreasonable gating system design.

Since poorly designed, there is gas volume, impurities and other casting defects, resulting in casting production rate and low passing rate.

1.5 Lacking capability of high precision castings

The production capacity of ordinary castings is excessive, the manufacture of high precision casting is still difficult and the core technology and key products are still dependent on imports.

2. High energy consumption and raw material consumption

In China, the total energy consumption of cast foundry industry accounts for 25% - 30% of machinery industry, the average utilization of energy is 17%, which is about 2 times as much as what in developed countries.

In China, one ton ductile cast iron production can consume 550-700 kg coal, while it is only 300-400 kg in developed countries. Our country every produces 1 ton qualified steel castings, the energy consumption is 800 kg while it is 500-800kg aboard.

According to the statistics, the investment of materials and energy accounts for 55%-70% of the total value. China's gross weight is 10%-20% higher than that of in foreign. The yield of casting steel production is 55% on average while it is 70% abroad.

3. Serious environmental pollution and difficult operating environment.

Outdated equipment and backward technology, rarely taking environmental issues into account, which have became a serious problem in iron cast foundries in China.

Foundry enterprises with poor environment, poor working conditions, backward technology and extensive production accounted for more than 90% of all iron foundries in China.

Environmental problems in China's cast foundry industry are also reflected in the excessive consumption of natural resources.

4. Talent shortage

A serious shortage of technical talent is restricting the casting technology development.

4.1 The number of technical and management personnel, the uneven distribution is relatively small.

The uneven distribution is prominent, the plant technology and management only accounts for 12% of the total number of employees at least, and 323% at most.

4.2 A small number of senior personnel.

4.3 The source of new talents is difficult.

To fundamentally solve the problems in cast foundry, foundries need to understand the actual situation, find their own shortage, and make effort to move close to international standards. Cast foundries should enhance their product competitiveness, improve productivity, reduce energy consumption and take the road of sustainable development. Only in this way can we see a brilliant future!

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