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Lost Wax Cast Steel Castings

Our steel foundries also produced many carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel castings by lost wax water glass investment casting process.

This casting process could reach higher dimensional tolerance and better surface quality, less casting defects than sand casting process, moreover, its production prices will be much more lower than silica sol casting process.

  1. Product Name:
    Lost Wax Steel Casting, Investment Castings, Water Glass Cast Steel Casting

  2. Materials:
    Alloy Steel, Cast Steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

  3. Material Grades: 

  4. Application:
    Pipe Fittings, Boilers, Stoves

  5. Production Process:
    Lost Wax Investment Casting with Water Glass

  6. Pattern Types:
    Iron Pattern

  7. Machining:
    Rough and Finish Machining in-house

  8. Prices:  
    Please use our Cast Iron Price Calculator

  9. Defects Requirement:
    Welding Allowable

  10. Inspection Method:
    Visual, Dimensional, UT inspection

  11. Made in:
    Dandong, North of China

  12. Client in:
    Italy, Germany, USA, UK, Canada, Spain, Australia, New Zealand

  13. Related:
    Manufacturer refer to "Lost Wax Investment Casting Workshop"




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