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Lost Wax Investment Casting Process
- by Water Glass


Our lost wax investment casting foundry uses the yellow wax and water glass as the materials. The lost wax process makes the castings to keep the surface and inside inspection, and relative low cost. We are willing to challenge the small batch of demand with special materials and making prototypes.

Lost wax investment casting is a kind of precision casting process, which can reach dimensional tolerance ISO 8062 CT 5-7. The materials include carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel.

Most of metal foundries in China mainly used this lost wax casting line to produce steel castings. Only some could produce iron castings by this process.

There are two types of investment casting workshops, one type is using the water glass as the main material, another is using the silica sol. The silica sol investment castings have better dimensions and surface quality, but just too expensive than water glass. It is normally two times of the cost of water glass.

Lost wax investment casting workshops and foundries are reducing in China. It is mainly because of the high material costs, reducing exchange rate, and the energy saving and emission reduction by government. However, this process is still the most suitable casting production method for small steel castings.

The following photos are showing the surface quality of this casting process:

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