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  Sand Mold Metal Casting in China Foundry  

Sand mold metal casting is a common form of metal casting types.

What is Sand Mold Metal Casting?
This process uses sand as the mold material. There are six basic steps:
1. Making pattern according to the drawings.
2. Using pattern to make sand mold.
3. Remove the pattern from sand molds, then the sand molds will be completed.
4. Fill the cavity of sand molds with the molten metal.
5. Allow time to cool the hot metal in the sand molds.
6. Break the sand molds.

What Industries Use Sand Mold Metal Casting?
Just about any industry can benefits from metal castings. One of the most obvious ones is the automotive industry.

Other industries include:
Agriculture, Aerospace, Defense, Culinary, Mining, Construction, Health Care, Paper, Alternative Energy, Transporation, Municipal/Water, Infrastructure, Railroad

How Common is Sand Casting?
Sand casting accounts for about 60% of all metal castings. That means that the majority of metal castings are actually created through this process.

This popular process has many benefits making it the number one choice for many manufacturers. Finding a sand mold cast company with the skills and experience is important as this is a process that requires great knowledge.

Is It Expensive?
Sand casting is actually one of the cheapest metal casting processes. This is because it is easily recycled, has high versatility, and can withstand incredibly high temperatures. The idea that it can be easily repurposed means that it is also referred to as expendable sand mold casting.

Our Dandong Foundry has been focusing on the production of sand mold metal castings for many years, welcome your inquiry.


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