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  Gray Cast Iron Grill Grate for BBQ Gas Stoves  

Our Dandong Foundry uses shell mold casting process to produce gray cast iron grill grates for barbecue gas stoves. The material is ASTM A48 Grade 20, 25 and 30.

The cast iron stove grates have the advantages of no deformation at high temperature, high efficiency, good thermal conductivity, food heated evenly, and easier to clean.

Both sides of the cast iron stove grate are the using surfaces, so no grinding is allowed. Glue repair is not allowed on any part of the cast iron grate. The surface of the cast iron grates should be smooth and flat without burrs or sharp edge.

Finally, our foundry workers will coat these cast iron stove grates by food grade anti-rust oil, and drain them until the oil did not drip.


Gray Cast Iron Grill Grate for BBQ Gas Stoves


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