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  Finishing Processes for Sand Castings

Sand Casting is a highly flexible and versatile process with casting weights ranging from a few grams to over 4 tons.

There are a variety of standard finishing processes used to produce consistent, high quality components, and to prepare them for their intended use.

Linishing and Fettling

These are the first processes usually performed on raw sand and die-cast components. Fettling removes the risers and excess material while linishing is the process of grinding or sanding the surface to remove surface irregularities.

Shot Blasting / Sand Blasting

Shot blasting produces a uniform surface finish by removing residual surface burrs or debris from the casting process.

Sand Blasting Process

Painting and Powder Coating

Castings can be finished according to customer specification, with wet painting and powder coating being the most common. The choice depending on whether aesthetics, durability or resistance to abrasion is the primary objective.

Heat Treatment

Castings can be subjected to various heat treatment techniques that can be used to harden them, change the properties of the alloy or remove internal stresses. Dandong Foundry is able to advise on selection and provide castings optimized for their operating environment.


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