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  Ductile Iron Castings for Agricultural Equipment

Ductile iron castings have the toughness, flexibility and reliability, which are necessary for agricultural equipment parst.

Soil Preparation
Some of the primary tools involved in soil preparation include plows, harrows, cultivators, cultipackers, ditchers, ridgers and leveler.

The two most important machines used in sowing are the seed drill and the planter. Rotary components are key in these machines, which is where something like a ductile iron hub might come into play.

Depending on whether the fertilizer is dry or wet, the planted seeds can be fertilized with one of two machines, a spreader or a boom sprayer. The vibration damping characteristics of ductile iron help keep things steady as these machines throw their weight around!

One of the chief appeals of ductile iron is its ability to elongate (and withstand internal pressures), which is why piping is one of its most common applications.

The machines assigned to this task may vary depending on what is being harvested, but combines, harvesters, and balers are the most common.

Storage and Transport
Ductile iron agricultural castings may serve in several capacities here, whether it's a trailer hitch or the suspension, steering, or transmission systems of farm vehicles.

Ductile Iron Casting Parts for Farm Equipments From Dandong Foundry
Dandong Foundry produces gray iron and ductile iron castings for farm equipments. The parts we cast can be machined, heat treated, coated and fully assembled.

Ductile Iron Agricultural Machinery Casting Parts


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