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  Ductile Cast Iron Yoke Bearing Housing  

The ductile iron yoke bearing housing is used in the packaging machinery industry, and its production took advantage of the many services.

Used in a bottle capping machine, this bearing housing was produced by 60-40-18 ductile iron and then annealed to improve its machinability.

The ductile iron yoke bearing housing was made by the modern milling equipment. The flats and diameters were ground to the extremely tight tolerances. Application of a black oxide finish maximized corrosion resistance, and light assembly operations consisted of installing the fitting.

Each step in this multi-process manufacturing cycle involved visual and dimensional inspections in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. The ductile iron yoke bearing housing has good precision, hardness, and wear resistance, providing a long service life under the stresses of a high speed packaging operation.

ductile cast iron yoke bearing housing


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