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  Casting Price Calculator FAQ  

The followings are the frequently asked questions for our casting price calculators.

Question No.1:

The pricing calculators do not appear to be dependent on the quantity ordered and it states there is 'no minimum order limit'. Can you please clarify?

The casting prices surely will be affected by order quantity. The bigger quantity will get lower price. However, it is difficult to show it in calculator, because the quantity only affects the net profit, not real production cost. In other words, if the foundry is willing to reduce their profit to get bigger order, then they may reduce some price, however, if they are not willing to do so, then the price will be kept same. So, all in all, if your order quantity is not very small or very large, then the price will not be affected by order quantity.

"No min. order limitation" is meaning that we could produce small orders, however, clients must bear the cost of transportation. The small quantity will not be suitable for sea freight, so clients may want to use air freight or express couriers, so will cause high delivery cost.

Question No.2:

Are there any other costs not reflected in the pricing calculators?

Yes, the pattern and machining fixture costs will be some extra costs. The patterns are the necessary tools for casting production. The clients must pay for the patterns in advance. If it will need machining, then there may be fixture costs.

The extra delivery cost has not be shown in the calculator, because it will depend on how you will deliver them. The transportation cost in calculator is only suitable for normal batch production, such as more than 3 tons each order.

Question No.3:

Are the pricing calculators accurate for very small quantities for initial product testing?

There are two situations here. One is for prototypes. The foundry will request much higher price for the prototype samples, because it will not bring more batch production, so foundry must collect profit from samples. Another is trial order. The foundry will not request higher price for trial order, because after trial order, there will be batch orders. So, foundry is willing to lose money at the beginning.

Therefore, if your small quantity is the first situation, then you should tell the foundry, so they could offer higher price, which may be double or triple higher than the prices by calculator. If yours are the second situation, then the price will be same as the calculator.

Question No.4:

Please give us some rough parameters for what you mean by not very small and very large. Approximately what is the smallest that a small order can be, and how large can the order be for the calculators to still be accurate?

Normally, total order weight smaller than 1000 kgs (1 ton) will be very small. The total weight each month more than 40 tons will be very large. Between them will be normal.

Question No.5:

Please advise approximately how much would the pattern and machining fixture costs be?

The machining fixture cost is small, you can ignore it, for the pattern cost, you could refer to the "Pattern Cost for Cast Iron Castings, Cast Steel Castings" at the bottom position of our calculator.


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