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  Cast Steel Hydraulic Cylinder Trunnion  

Our Dandong Foundry produced hydraulic cylinder trunnion of cast steel ASTM A36 by lost wax investment casting process.

Trunnions are the most important parts for hydraulic cylinder unit. They bear very high force, so have very high requirement to the material quality and casting defects.

In the past, the most trunnions were made by steel fabrication, welding process. So, the welding quality is the key issue of trunnions quality. Normally, the welding positions may get cracks in some cases of extreme use. However, the casting defects are very harmful to trunnion castings too, so sand casting process is not suitable for trunnions. The lost wax investment casting process could guarantee the high quality of material and inside defects.

ASTM A36 is a good material grade for trunnions, moreover, ASTM A27 GR 65-35 is a good alternative material grade, because they have the similar mechanical properties.

Hydraulic Cylinder Trunnions made in Dandong Foundry


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