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  Cast Iron Roller Rings for Agricultural Machinery Parts  

Our Dandong Foundry could produce different sizes of cast iron roller rings according to customers' requirements.

Type of Rollers: Packer Rings, Furrow Rings, Cross kill Rings, Cambridge Rings, Smooth Rings and Serrated Spacer Rings.

Material: Grey Iron (GG 20, GG 25) and Ductile Iron (GGG 50)

Surface finish: Paint spraying, powder coating, sand blast, anti-rust oil, zinc coating.

Industrial applications of roller rings:
Various types of rollers can be used for different industries and applications. The kind of roller will determine its primary use and functionality.

One of the effective services of the roller rings is in the agriculture department. This product helps farmers to rejuvenate the lands and help them prep them for the upcoming season. The agricultural lands undergo a lot of stress and strain during the peak season. The entire process strips the land of its rich nutrients and moisture. Even after the harvest, the debris from the last season could be seen in the ground.

If left untreated, this can have a serious impact on the following year's produce. Over some time, the land might not be at its optimal performance level. The farmer and specialists have invented various techniques to avoid this situation.


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