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  Cast Iron Pump Housing Casting Supplier in China  

Ductile cast iron is one of the most popular casting materials for pump housing. However, they can be made by gray cast iron as well.

Cast iron features physical and medical characteristics that suitable for pump housing manufacture.

Corrosion Resistance: The gradual increase in temperature makes the liquid to turn more corrosive. Cast iron material maintains feature as an anti-corrosion casting metal. This property supports pumps to work more effectively and durable overtimes. Cast iron pump housing is especially preferable for high-temperature applications.

Strength: The pump case is required hard enough to withstand pressures. And cast iron pump housing has demonstrated pretty strong and has the ability to bear stresses.

Casting-ability: Cast iron material has good casting-ability. It is able to cast almost any shapes and designs with good surface finishes. This property allows for casting different pump housing applications.

Durability: Cast iron material is very durable over time, therefore cast iron pump casing is also long-lasting. They require replacement and maintenance less often than other materials.

Cast Iron Pump Housing Casting


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