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  Cast Iron Meter Bars made by Chinese Foundry

The cast iron meter bars have heavy, one piece I-Beam construction to protect the meter from piping stresses and ensure a solid installation.

The metal bar of the gas meter is used to mount the gas meter and has fittings at both ends to connect the inlet and outlet of the gas meter.

Applications of cast iron gas meter bars:
Gas meter bars are used in both new-build and renovation projects. One of the greatest advantages of the meter bars is the ability to suspend the gas meter without exerting tension.

The meter bar can also be mounted at an early stage during new-build and renovation projects. The interior pipeline can then be laid from the meter bar onwards.
The service pipeline can be connected either to the left or to the right of the meter bar and the other side is closed off with a safety cap. The meter bar can be adjusted forwards and sidewards in combination with the wall mounting bracket.

The meter bar can also be combined with other installation equipment to make up a complete package. These packages can be assembled upon request.

Cast iron gas meter bar


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