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  Cast Brass Gas Stove Burner Supplier in China  

Our Dandong Foundry normally use shell molding casting process to produce brass castings for gas stove burners, including brass stove burner cap, brass stove burner base, brass stove venturi, brass adapter, brass flange, etc.

The cast copper stove burner parts have the advantages of energy-saving, high-efficiency, rust protection and works on high pressure.

If the brass stove burner parts have the defects of appearance deformation, cold shut, sand hole, shrinkage cavity and mold shift, the castings must be discarded.

If the surfaces of the brass stove burner parts stained with sand, our foundry workers will grind them, and shot blast them again.

The burrs caused during machining shall be cleaned, and no sharp edge shall be allowed on any part of the brass stove burner parts.


Casting Defects on Brass Stove Burners


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