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  Advantages of Gray Cast Iron Pulley  

The good pulley has a great relationship with its casting materials.

In foundry production, the casting of the pulley is made of gray iron. The transmission machinery has a special preference for pulleys made of grey cast iron.

Grey cast iron pulleys have many advantages:

1. Easy machining: gray cast iron has good workability, especially for belt groove. If the pulley is made of cast steel, it is very difficult to process. But if it is made of gray cast iron, quite easy, this is one of the reasons.

2. High precision, not easy to deform: gray cast iron deformation is very small. After the groove is cut, almost no deformation, which can ensure that the behavior tolerance to meet the requirements, so as to ensure the transmission accuracy.

3. Good shock absorption: grey cast iron has good shock absorption and can avoid vibration during operation.

4. Good casting performance: grey cast iron has very good casting performance, and can be cast through the mold into a reinforcement plate, center plate. However, if it is produced by cast steel, its castability is poor, which is also one of the reasons for choosing gray iron.

5. Wear resistance, long life cycle: the wear resistance of gray cast iron is also better than that of steel parts. The pulley keeps rotating to avoid wear and tear. The choice of materials is the main reason.

6. Small thermal deformation and durable: the thermal deformation of gray cast iron is very small, and the cast steel will be large, in order to avoid deformation, gray cast iron is usually used.


Grey cast iron belt pulleys


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