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  GG20 Grey Cast Iron Counterweight for Excavator  

Counter weight is an integral object with a range of applications in constructional, agricultural, industrial areas.

In general, medium excavators in counterweight of raw material is iron plus cement. In this way, it can accurate balance weight in the condition of making sure the shape and size of product. Mini-excavator and extra large excavator in counterweight of raw material is solid iron or other metal materials. Using solid cast iron is to ensure that the counterweight's small size and heavy weight.

Cast iron counterweight castings are the core products of our foundry. We are able to produce OEM cast iron, ductile iron, and cast steel counterweights for various applications, such as forklift, elevator, crane, excavator, engineering machinery, farm machinery, lift parts, forklift counter block, forklift manufacturing, counter balance for machinery, etc.

Project Skills
Counterweight of loader
Crane counter balance block
Engineering machinery
Excavator counterweight
Forklift counter weight
Iron cast counterweight for tractor

Cast iron counter weight for mini excavator


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