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  Cast Iron Gas Stove Burner in China Foundry  

Normally, cast iron gas stove burners were produced by gray iron in our Dandong Foundry. The gray iron burners have the advantages of low production cost, durable and high thermal efficiency.

The following photo is showing one of our stove burners. The big hole of the gas stove burner was made by casting process, and the small holes around were drilled with an electric bench drilling machine. All holes must be smooth and clean without iron filings. The sharp edges of the side and handle should also be polished cleanly.

In order to prevent the air inlet and air outlet from rusting, we evenly coated the outside surface and interior of the gas stove burner with high-temperature resistant black paint. After natural air drying, we put these cast iron gas stove burners into a dust-free constant temperature baking room to dry off. The machining holes of the castings shall be kept unblocked and cannot be sealed by paint.

When packing, our foundry will put each gas stove burner in order and separate each layer with cardboard.

Cast Iron Gas Stove Burner in China Foundry


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