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  BS2789 Grade 700/2 Ductile Cast Iron  

BS 2789 700/2 is a grade of ductile iron or SG iron, so called because the graphite forms nodules or spheres - Spheroidal Graphite.

The rounded graphite nodules produces a more ductile cast iron compared to grey iron which contains graphite in flake form. The graphite spheres inhibits the propagation of cracks. SG iron has a greater fatigue and impact resistance compared to grey iron.

Ductile iron offers several advantages over castings in mild steel, it offers very good machinability and a superior surface finish. Ductile iron is less brittle than grey iron and offers compressive strength comparable to many low and medium carbon steels, it also offers a weight advantage as it is approximately 10% lighter than steel.

Related Specifications
EN-GJS-700-2(EN1563), GGG70 (DIN 1693), 700-2 (ISO 1083), QT700-2(GB 1348), FCD700(JIS G5502), GS700-2(UNI 4544), FGS700-2(NF A32-201), FGE70-2(UNF), FNG70-2(NBN 830-02), GRADE 700-2(AS 1831), 0737-01(SS 14 07), SJK-700(NS11 301)

Carbon 3.40-3.85% Phosphorous 0.10% max
Manganese 0.10-0.30% Sulphur 0.02% max
Silicon 2.30-3.10% Magnesium 0.07% max

BS2789 700/2 is suitable for high strength parts, such as crankshaft, camshaft of diesel engine and gasoline engine, partial grinder, milling machine, spindle of lathe, gear shaft of ball mill, spindle of small water turbine, etc.

Typical Properties
Tensile Strength N/mm² min 700
Elongation % 2
Typical Hardness HB 220-300
Mechanical properties shown are typical and may vary subject to the size and section of this SG iron grade.

BS2789 700/2 S G Iron is available with a certificate or conformity, please request when placing any orders.

Quality Assured Supply BS 2789 SG Iron to grade 700/2 is supplied in accordance with our ISO 9001: 2008 registration.


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