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  2023 Iron Casting Price Estimation in China  

The following data and trend chart are showing the gray iron and ductile iron casting prices from 2014 to 2023 in China.

From this run chart, we can see one rule. Their prices have one change by every two years.

1. 2014-2016, casting prices reduced from top to the lowest.
2. 2016-2018, casting prices raised from low to top.
3. 2018-2020, their prices reduced from top to low.
4. 2020-2022, their prices raised to top again.

By this rule, we estimate their prices will reduce till 2024. Therefore, in 2023, the gray iron and ductile iron casting prices should keep reducing.

However, from this chart, we can see the lowest prices have been higher and higher.

Let us take the example of gray iron casting prices, the lowest price was 1.20 USD/kg in 2016, it was 1.30 USD/kg in 2020, so we estimate the lowest price in 2024 is around 1.40 USD/kg.

All these analysis are basing on our Dandong Foundry's price records and our estimation. If you need accurate casting price, you could use our cast iron price calculator. It could help you to get the real time quote.



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