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Rough Machining for Metal Castings

Rough machining is important for exported metal castings. It can largely reduce the defective rates of castings, and can meet the dimensional requirements to some positions.

Rough machining is different with finish machining. After we complete the rough castings, or called as raw castings, we can do some coarse machining works, such as milling and lathe, and leave 0.5 to 1.0mm machining allowance for the further finish machining works.

Normally, rough machining works should be done by the metal foundries, and finish machining works were done by clients or entrusted professional machining workshops.

Why is rough machining necessary?

Firstly, there are many types of casting defects beneath the surface of metal castings, such as shrinkage, cracks, pin air holes, sand inclusion etc. These defects can not be found during visual inspection. So, when the clients receive the casting products, and during machining process, these defects will be shown up, then it will cause more costs for return castings and machining costs. As for the exported casting products, retreating defective castings will cause much more costs. However, if metal foundries could do some rough machining in-house, they will be able to find these defective castings, and recycle the casting materials, so will reduce the loss for both themselves and their clients largely.

Secondly, as for some dimensions, rough casting can not meet the accuracy requirements. As for the rough casting dimensional tolerance grades, please check our related articles. If the required tolerance is out of rough casting tolerance range, then rough machining will be needed. Moreover, deformation is inevitable for rough castings, so rough machining could make the deformed surfaces more flat.

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