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Iron Casting Price Calculator | Steel Casting Price Calculator


Dandong Foundry is a professional Iron Casting Manufacturer in China. We share some standard and experience in blog,
and hope these information could help buyers to better understand some technical issues about iron and steel castings.

  1. Casting Price Calculator Updated for Sea Freight - on Jun. 02, 2017
    Our foundry's gray cast iron, ductile iron and cast steel price calculator has been updated for sea freight cost to some seaports in USA, UK, Germany and Australia.

  2. Grey Cast Iron Material Grade Chart - on Jun. 01, 2017
    The following is the grey cast iron material grade comparison chart for Germany, UK, USA, Italy, Sweden, Japan and France.

  3. ROHS Test Report Certificate of Dandong Foundry - on May 22, 2017
    Dandong Foundry in China has passed the RoHS testing by SGS for none toxic substance in our cast iron castings.

  4. ASTM A536 Standard for Ductile Iron Castings - on May 17, 2017
    ASTM A536 is the standard specification for ductile iron castings, including Grade 60-40-18, 60-42-10, 65-45-12, 70-50-05, 80-55-06, 80-60-03, 100-70-03, 120-90-02.

  5. ASTM A48 Standard for Gray Iron Castings - on May 16, 2017
    ASTM A48 / A48M Standard Specification for Gray Iron Castings, Material Grades including Class 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60.

  6. Ductile Iron 80-60-03 - on May 08, 2017
    ASTM A536 2014 80-60-03 is a kind of high grade of ductile iron. It has comparatively high tensile strength, but low elongation, it is a typical high grade cast iron material.

  7. SAE J431 Automotive Gray Iron Castings - on Apr. 25, 2017
    SAE J431 automotive gray iron casting, iron grades, hardness, reference grades and chemical composition.

  8. Global Iron Castings Market 2017-2021 Key Vendors - on Apr. 19, 2017
    Dandong Foundry is honored to be the key vendor in the Global Iron Castings Market 2017 to 2021.

  9. Cast Iron Price Trend in 2017 and 2018 - on Apr. 20, 2017
    Dandong Foundry is analyzing the cast iron price trend 2017 in China. We think the gray cast iron and ductile iron casting prices will be kept unstable and rising.

  10. Ductile Cast Iron Material Quality Inspection by Metallography - on Mar. 10, 2017
    Metallographic inspection is a very important material quality inspection method for ductile iron castings (SG iron castings), it can also judge the ductile iron material grades.

  11. ASTM A532 Standard Specification for Abrasion-Resistant Cast Iron - on Dec. 05, 2016
    ASTM A532 standard has issued the chemical and hardness requirements for abrasion-resistant cast iron material grades, type A, B, C, D.

  12. Typical Si Mo Ductile Iron Chemical Mechanical Properties for Exhaust Manifold - on Nov. 16, 2016
    SiMo Ductile Iron is suitable for making various casting parts with high temperature resistance property, such as auto exhaust manifolds.

  13. Spheriodal Graphite Cast Iron Material Grade - on Oct. 26, 2016
    Spheriodal graphite cast iron is also called as SG cast iron, or called as ductile iron. This cast iron has several material grades according to specific standard.

  14. Cast Iron Grades Table for Grey Iron, Malleable Iron, and Nodular Iron - on Sep. 23, 2016
    Cast iron material grade comparison and equivalent grades for grey iron, malleable iron and nodular iron.

  15. ASTM A297 Standard Specification for Steel Castings with Cr, Ni Alloy - on Sep. 22, 2016
    ASTM A297 A297M standard is for the chemical composition and physical properties of grade A297 HP, A297 HN, A297 HL, A297 HD, A297 HC, A297 HX, A297 HW, A297 HU, A297 HT, A297 HE, A297 HK, A297 HI, A297 HH, A297 HF

  16. Nodular Iron MP80, MP60, MP70, MP100, MP120 Equivalent Grades - on Sep. 19, 2016
    We received some inquiries for the nodular iron MP80, we knew its equivalent grade is Ductile iron 80-55-06.

  17. Cast iron and steel casting quality control and inspection methods in China - on Aug. 09, 2016
    How to control and inspect casting quality? This is a very key issue if you want to buy iron and steel castings from China.

  18. ASTM A536 120-90-02, EN-GJS-900-2, 800-2, GGG80 Ductile Iron, Nodular Iron, SG Iron - on Jun. 15, 2016
    ASTM A536 120-90-02 (EN-GJS-900-2, GGG80) is a type of ductile cast iron (SG iron, nodular iron) with the highest tensile strength.

  19. Casted Mounting Bracket, Body Bracket, Bearing Beam, Frame Bearing of Hydraulic Cylinder - on Jun. 13, 2016
    There are cast iron body brackets, bearing beam and frame for hydraulic knock off devices and hydraulic cylinder systems for tipping bodies, such as tractors, truck, trailers and semi-trailers.

  20. Surface roughness comparison of silica sol, compound mold and water glass lost wax investment casting - on Jun. 03, 2016
    We will show photos to compare the surface finish roughness quality of three main lost wax investment casting processes, by silica sol, compound mold and water glass molding materials.


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