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Cast Iron Weight, Counter Weights

Cast iron weight is also called as iron counter weight or cast iron counterweight. There are many types of cast iron weights, such as cast iron weight ball, cast iron weight plate, hold down weight and tie down weight etc. Cast iron weights are used for fitness equipments, building and farming machinery such as tractors, forklifts, engineering trucks and cranes.

My reader wish I could write more for the crane weight balls. I also hope to write more for this type of products, however, the cast iron weights are easy to make for most of iron foundries, so I really do not know what I can write more for these products. If you want know more about them, please feel free to write to me. I will try my best to tell you as much as I know.

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Now, let me say more about cast iron weight.

The material degree for counter weights is very low. Mainly gray iron ASTM A48 Class 20, 25 or 30, by Germany standard also called as GG15 and GG20. All the iron foundries in China can make these two degrees. However, you can not ignore the material requirements. In order to reduce the price to very low, some iron foundries use high percent of iron scrap to make the iron counterweights, so their material degree is even lower than Class 15. Therefore, their tensile strength is very low, and it will cause the potential danger in application.

As for the casting processes, the buyers should be aware of it. The cheapest casting process is green sand floor molding process. Many foundries may think this process is very suitable for iron counterweights since counterweights usually have low dimensional requirements. However, green sand floor molding can not make good cast label and letters. If you have high requirements to surface quality, you should consider to choose other casting process. For large counterweights, you should use the resin sand casting process, which could keep good dimensions and surface quality. It is seldom to make counterweights by shell molding process because shell molding is too costly. However, if your counter weights are under 20kg, and have very high surface quality, the shell molding is also a very good choice. Of course, if you have very large annual demand, then you have to consider the automatic molding line, which has similar prices with floor molding, but has very high production rate and good dimensions and surface quality, but it can not make too large counterweight because of their sand box limitation.

As for counter weights, some level of welding should be permitted. Both of suppliers and buyers should assure the unit weights. Accurate weights are fair for both partners. You could confirm the average unit weights by samples or by first batch of order.

As for the coating, Dandong Foundry usually painted the anti-rust painting for cast iron counter weights, and clients will paint the finish painting by the specific paint before their assembly.

As for a buyer for cast iron weights, you should pay attention to selection to casting process, accurate unit weights, surface quality and material degree.

 cast iron weight
Cast Iron Weight

iron counter weight
Cast Iron Counter Weights

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