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Flywheel Castings made in China

Flywheel is a kind of accumulator with wheel shapes, which is installed on the rotating shafts of machines. It relies on a large rotational inertia to maintain the smooth rotation of engines.

When the speed of machines increases, the kinetic energy of flywheel increases, the kinetic energy will be stored. When the speed of machines decreases, the kinetic energy of flywheel will be reduced, then the energy will be released. It uses the energy of motion to overcome the resistance of the other parts, make the crankshaft to rotate smoothly.

It is used in machines, cars, bikes, etc. Flywheels are usually made by grey iron ASTM A48 CLASS30 and CLASS35, and ductile iron ASTM A536 65-45-12, 70-50-05 and 80-60-03.

Grey iron flywheels have good castability and wearing resistance, moreover, grey iron cost is cheaper than ductile iron, or called as nodular iron.

Ductile iron flywheels have shock resistance, corrosion resistance and it is very strong, non-deformation, non-easily crack, so its life time is long.

Flywheel assembly is important part of engines. It consists of the flywheel, gear ring, clutch positioning pin, and bearing etc.

Flywheel should not have those serious iron casting defects, such as cracks, sand holes and shrinkage, the work surface should be smooth and clean, flatness tolerance should be less than 0.1 mm, otherwise, flywheel should be repaired or replaced.

In China, we usually produce flywheel castings by automatic molding line to meet the high demand and technical requirements. Most of flywheel castings do not need sand cores, so most of iron foundries could produce them by high production rate. For now, sand casting is still the most suitable production process for flywheels.

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