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Development of Metal Foundries in China

China is changing from a large iron casting producer to a cast iron power. We must overcome energy, resources, human resources bottleneck and environmental issues in reality. Therefore, we must seize the opportunity to use high technology to enhance the quality of castings and try to reverse China’s image of low technology content and low price in the international market.

(1) Strengthen the research of new technology, new materials, and new equipment of iron castings

Strengthen the basic and applied research of iron casting industry; we should focus on research and technology improvements. At the same time, we should also enhance materials technology and computer simulation of advanced technology in order to stabilize product quality.

(2) Develop environment-friendly raw materials of iron castings

We should develop circular economy in the principle of “reduce, reuse and recycling " and take the road of intensive clean production, use resources and renewable materials and energy rationally to ensure the sustainable development of iron casting industry.

(3) Build a common technology and high-tech transmission platform

a. For some common problems of enterprises, we should improve the pass rate of castings and reduce energy and raw material consumption, support scientific research institutes to make efforts to solve practical problems, which should be the main direction of technological research of metal castings.

b. Establish high-tech delivery platforms. Develop the cast iron technology of key pieces to achieve localization.

(4) Focus on energy and environmental legislation

Iron casting industry has bad working conditions, and it is harmful to the environment as well. Policies and regulations should be drawn up to increase the intensity of these constraints. Improve the treatment of workers in the smelting, casting and cleaning jobs, and provide insurance. Strengthen the scientific management of energy and enhance energy technological innovation or the replacement of high energy-consuming equipment.

(5) Develop personnel policies, and strengthen skills training

Since cast iron is a hard dirty and tiring industry with low treatment, so students do not want to learn it and workers do not want to do it, many people in this industry are trying to find other ways of making a life; therefore the talents are in great shortage. Our country should formulate personnel policies to attract talents for the long term interest.

(6) Attach importance to innovation

Increase the cast iron corporate restructuring and structural adjustment and carry on the specialized production to achieve the regionalization of leading enterprises, so the small and medium enterprises can gather around the industry chain and share the basic facilities, special procedures and equipment, testing equipment, information networks, and environmental facilities resources.

The development strategies we talked above are the main working direction of our foundry, Dandong Foundry, and we will make great efforts in this industry.

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