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The density of ductile iron

The density of ductile iron is approximate 7.3 g/cubic centimeter, or 7.3 kg/liter, or 119.6 g/cubic inch. However, the density has a range of variation because of the material grades and shrinkage level.

In short words, if the iron foundry used more good pig iron, and less shrinkage, then the ductile iron density will be higher, otherwise, it will be lower. So, it has a range from 7.1 to 7.3 g/cubic centimeter.

Iron foundries normally estimate the weights of rough castings by calculating the volume of ductile iron castings, so the density will be used. However, you can not judge the casting quality just by the density.

There are many more factors that can affect it, such as spheroidization rate and cooling speed etc., so it will be reasonable in the range.

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