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Ductile iron in China

Ductile iron is also known as nodular cast iron, spheroidal graphite iron, spherulitic iron.

Ductile iron is a kind of spherical graphite cast iron. The globalization and inoculation processes effectively improved the mechanical properties, particularly increased plasticity and toughness, which is higher than the strength of carbon steel.

Ductile iron is a kind of malleable iron. Ductile iron in the graphite shape was spherical. As the spherical graphite metal matrix separated the role of smaller, so it has high strength, ductility and toughness, so a wider application, in some cases can replace the carbon steel. Ductile iron is widely used in construction tools, equipment manufacturing, such as flat-panel buttons, butterfly buckle, wall nuts, washers and other fields.

Carbon steel has less than 0.3% carbon content, while the cast iron and ductile iron with carbon content the amount of at least 3%. The low-carbon steel makes the existence of carbon as free graphite sheet structure will not form. Cast iron in the natural form of carbon free form of graphite sheets. During inoculation period, the graphite sheet change through special processing methods into a tiny ball. This improvement made after the ball made of cast iron ductile iron and steel than the more superior compared to the physical properties.

Ductile Iron Grade:
ASTM A536 - 60-40-18, 65-45-12, 70-50-05;
DIN 1693 - GGG40, GGG50; DIN EN 1563 - EN-GJS-350, EN-GJS-400-15, EN-GJS-450-10, EN-GJS-500-7;
ISO 1083 - 400-15, 400-18, 450-10, 500-7;
JIS G5502 - FCD400-15, FCD400-18, FCD450-10, FCD500-7;
BS 2789 - 400/18, 420/12, 450/10, 500/7.

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