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Surface finish quality, surface smoothness of cast iron and cast steel, sand castings made in China

During price inquiry, many clients were confused about the surface finish quality, surface smoothness of cast iron and cast steel castings.

In this article, we will try to show some photos for casting surface qualities, finish smoothness for lost wax investment castings, shell molding, automatic molding, resin sand, and manual green sand casting processes. So, you could understand how about the surface finish quality our dandong foundry could produce.

This is the surface finish comparator from American Foundry Society. Although we have not started to use this comparator, I hope to introduce it just for your reference.

C-9 Micro-finish Comparator shows surface finishes from 20 to 900 RMS


Surface Finish Capabilities by Sand Casting Processes

Casting Process

Surface Smoothness in RMS

Investment Casting


Shell Molding Casting


Die Casting


Lost Foam Casting


Vacuum Casting


Nobake (Resin) Sand


Green Sand Casting



Surface quality and smoothness of iron and steel castings

The following photos are showing some gray iron, ductile iron and cast steel castings made by our dandong foundry.

1.  Manual green sand, cast iron castings

traditional casting process, the surface quality is difficult to control. Sometimes, good, sometimes, very poor.

2.  Resin sand, no-bake sand, cast iron castings

Comparatively good for large iron castings, but not suitable for producing small iron castings because of high production cost.

3.  Automatic molding, green sand, cast iron castings

Surface quality is not the best, but quality is very stable. We like it.

4.  Shell molding castings, cast iron castings

It could produce better surface quality than automatic molding, but sometimes not stable.

5.  Lost wax investment castings, water glass, steel castings

The surface quality is much better than steel castings made by sand casting process.

6.  Lost wax investment castings, silica sol, steel castings 

The surface quality is very good, but its price is about 3 times of water glass investment casting process. Very expensive.

7.  Die casting, aluminum and zinc castings 

The surface quality is perfect, but this process is only suitable for making aluminum and zinc castings, not suitable for producing iron and steel castings.



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