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Advantages and disadvantages of manual green sand molding and automatic molding line

Manual green sand casting process is very common in China foundries, and automatic molding is very advanced, so we will introduce their differences, advantages and disadvantages for producing iron castings.

1. Manual green sand casting

Green sand is also called as wet sand, the main content is silica sand and clay. Molding process was completed by pure manpower. This is the most traditional casting process, however, this is still widely used in China foundries.

a) Simple molding equipments, low technique requirements.
b) Low production costs, so lower casting prices.
c) Flexible products, it could produce very small or very large casting parts.

a) The castings have low dimensional tolerance, not very good surface quality.
b) More surface and inside casting defects than other casting processes.

2. Automatic molding line

Automatic molding line could complete all molding, cleaning, sand recycling works automatically, so it could have very high production rate and also save lots of manpower.

a) Automatic molding has very high production rate, so suitable for producing automotive parts.
b) It can keep high dimensional tolerance, make the sizes accurate, so reduce machining works.
c) It can make the quality more stable, better surface quality and much less casting defects.
d) The molding material is still green sand, so its casting price is low.

a) Because of the fixed sand flasks, so it can not be use to produce large casting parts.
b) The pattern cost is high, so not suitable to produce small-lot production.
c) It can not be used to produce castings with too complex inside structures.
d) Normally, it can only produce iron castings, and can not be used to produce aluminum and steel castings.

Hope this information could help buyers to know how to choose the most suitable casting methods for your products. Thank you. Galen Wang, Dandong Foundry in China.

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