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Casting foundries in China and India

Years ago, when I joined Dandong foundry in China, I know that the cast iron foundries in India are our main competitors. Because their prices were lower than ours.

However, after years, I think they are not our competitors, because of their low quality, untimely delivery, and bribery problems.

1. Quality

In India, although there are some large casting foundries who can guarantee the casting qualities, but most of casting foundries can not keep the stable casting quality. In China, this condition will be better, most of Chinese foundries paid lots of attention to the quality issues.

2. Delivery

In India, the workers quit very frequently, this is the information from one of our client. With other reasons, their delivery time can not be guaranteed.

3. Bribery

When I visited our client in USA, I asked why they did not buy stove parts from India. As my thought, stove parts do not required very high quality for the material, but price sensitive. However, my client told me that many government officers in India claimed money when they imported the stove parts from India to USA. So, the final costs after this extra money will be much higher than imported from China.

In the past, I have been in Bangladesh for months, so I have saw the serious bribery problems, therefore, I believed the problems my client talked about. However, I am not writing this article to say all casting foundries in India are very bad.

There are lots of casting foundries in China, who also have many problems. I just hope this information could be helpful for the metal casting buyers to find most suitable foundries for your products.

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