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Cast Steel Castings

Our foundry has produced some cast steel castings by sand casting processes for our clients in USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and Germany.

1. Cast steel valve bodies

This valve body has exceeded 100kg, is a large valve body. We produced them by the normal water glass sand casting process. The material is a type of alloy steel for anti-corrosion application.

2. Cast steel pipe fittings

These pipe fittings were made by material grade 1.1120 (ZG20SiMn). We exported just rough castings, and our clients machined them by themselves. In the past three years, zero defective rate for rough castings has proved our high quality.

3. Large cast steel tubes

Our factory produced these large steel tube castings for our client specialized in fabricating tugboats. We used resin patterns to produce them, and our clients do the finish machining. The material is mild steel G250.

4. Cast steel boiler parts

This casting was for a type of environment friendly boiler in Germany and Austria. They are a kind of alloy cast steel and produced by lost wax investment casting process.

5. Large cast steel boxes

Our foundry produced these box castings for our clients. They are a type of heat-resisting alloy cast steel. We used wooden pattern and water glass sand casting process to produce them. Their unit weight was about 1.0 to 1.5 ton. The difficulty for producing them was to control the position of large sand cores to keep uniform wall thickness.

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