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Why automatic molding is better than green sand casting, shell molding and resin sand casting?

Some clients may be wondering why we suggested to produce their iron casting products by automatic molding line, instead of manual green sand, shell molding or resin sand casting process.

Herein, we will focus to introducing the advantages of automatic molding process.

Brief introduction of automatic molding process

Automatic molding process is also a type of sand casting process. The green sand is its main molding material. One operator could control the molding machine to complete the whole molding process, so called automatic molding.


Advantages of automatic molding process

1. Because of advanced mechanical automation, all sand molds have the same dimensions, tension, moisture content and other properties, so the iron castings have the almost same dimensions and quality.

Manual green sand casting process is using labors to complete the molding process, which will cause larger dimensional tolerance, big difference of casting dimensions. Shell molding also had the problem for dimensional difference on the parting line positions.

2. Because of high tension of sand molds, there will be less surface defects, such as sand inclusion, air holes, sand holes etc.

Manual green sand castings have many surface qualities, and shell molding castings had inverse chilling defects for the thin wall thickness positions.

3. High production rate is also an advantage. Automatic molding line could produce at least 10 tons each day, so it could meet demand for large quantity or urgent orders.

Manual green sand, shell molding and resin sand casting process will have much lower production rate.

4. The iron castings made by automatic molding line are cheaper than shell molding and resin sand castings.

We have been in foundry production in China for over 50 years, we have to admit that the automatic molding process is the best one. Shell molding castings are more costly, but it is suitable for producing complex small and middle sized castings. Resin sand casting process is suitable for large iron castings, which are costly too. Manual green sand is also widely used for many Chinese foundries, and it is suitable for low or normal required castings, but its quality will not be as good as automatic molding process.


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