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We are introducing a good iron and steel foundry in China, Dandong Ruiding Foundry, including their main materials, ductile iron, gray iron and cast steel, also their casting processes, such as green sand, resin sand, shell molding, automatic molding, and also their material standards, main products.

China Foundry: Dandong Ruiding Foundry

Dandong Foundry is a professional Cast Iron Foundry in Dandong City China, with over 50 years experience producing Iron Castings, Steel Castings and Machining.

ISO 9001 Quality Certified. Annual output 8000 tons of metal castings, and 70% have been exported to USA, Australia, UK, Germany and Italy etc.

Main materials: Ductile iron, gray iron, cast iron, cast steel

Our foundry mainly produce ductile iron (also called as S.G. iron, nodular cast iron, spheroidal graphite cast iron), gray iron (also called as grey cast iron), and also cast steel. We produce iron castings in our own foundry, and entrust steel castings to our local steel foundry partner. But we will be in charge of quality control.

Casting process: green sand, resin sand, shell molding, automatic molding

Sand casting process means the main molding material is "sand". According to the different sand materials, it can be divided into green sand, resin sand, dry sand and shell molding processes. Herein, we will try to elaborate them.

1. Green Sand

Green sand casting uses a kind of humid sand mixed with black clay. This sand is cheap, and can be used repeatedly. So, it is suitable for manual molding and automated machine molding. Green sand is the cheapest sand casting process, and is also mostly used casting process in China. This process is suitable to produce iron castings with rough weights less than 100kg.

2. Resin Sand

Resin sand casting process uses furan resin sand as the molding material. After burning, the resin sand can become hard sand, so it is also called as hard mold casting process. Resin sand can be used repeatedly either, however, it needs to replenish new furan sand constantly. In 2011, the furan resin material became very costly, so the resin sand castings became more costly. Resin sand casting process is suitable to produce large iron castings with weights from 50kg to 2000kg.

3. Shell Molding

Shell molding process uses a kind of yellow phenolic resin sand. This sand is more costly than furan resin sand, and phenolic resin sand can not be used repeatedly, so it is one time molding sand. Therefore, this process is more costly than furan resin sand.

However, shell molding process can meet higher requirements to the rough casting surface quality, more complex inside structures, and higher casting dimensional tolerances. So, it is widely used for producing small iron castings with high requirements. In China, we normally do not use shell molding process to produce steel castings, however, in other countries, they do.

4. Automatic molding

Dandong Foundry uses FBO automatic molding line to produce iron castings parts for vehicles, cars, trucks, tractors, plow points etc.

The advantages of automatic molding are high production rate, good dimensional tolerance, good surface quality, and very stable casting quality.

However, the disadvantages are high metal pattern cost, high min. order quantity, the limitation of size and unit weight of castings.

Material standards: ASTM A536 for ductile iron, ASTM A48 for gray iron

ASTM A536 is our common material standard for ductile iron. We could produce the material grades 60-40-18, 60-42-10, 65-45-12, 70-50-05, 80-55-06, 80-60-03, 100-70-03.

ASTM A48 is our common material standard for gray cast iron. We could produce the material grades No.20, No. 25, No.30, No.35, No.40, No.45.

Main products: casting parts for agricultural machinery, tractors, trucks, stoves, tillage and seeding parts

Our foundry has produced over 2000 types of agricultural machinery parts, including tractor gear box, iron bracket, reducer shell, belt pulley, cast iron cradle, iron support, brake drum, and axle support, etc. We also produced many stove parts, stove base radiant, grates, tillage knife points, seeding knife parts.


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