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BS2789 Grade 500-7 SG Iron

This material grade is a normal ductile iron grade in China and USA, it has good tensile strength and also good ductility.

Sometimes referenced as a ductile iron BS2789 Grade 500-7 is a spheroidal graphite iron that offers better strength, wear resistance and hardening capabilities to that of 400-15 or 420-12 SG iron grades.

Related Specifications

BS EN 1563 GJS 500-7 GGG50 SFP500 SP500 70-50-05

Chemical Analysis

Carbon 3.40-3.85% Phosphorous 0.10% max
Manganese 0.10-0.30% Sulphur 0.02% max
Silicon 2.30-3.10% Magnesium 0.07% max


BS2789 Grade 500-7 is suited for applications such as gears, pistons, valve bodies, dies and moulds and for applications that require good noise and vibration damping.

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength N/mm² min 500
Elongation % 7
Typical Hardness HB 170-241

Mechanical properties shown are typical and may vary subject to the size and section of this sg iron grade.

Certification BS2789 500-7 S G Iron is available with a certificate or conformity, please request when placing any orders.

Quality Assured Supply BS2789 EN1563 SG Iron to grade 500-7 is supplied in accordance with our ISO 9001: 2008 registration.

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