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60-40-18 ductile iron, 400-12 cast iron properties, hardness, chemistry and density

60-40-18 is ductile iron grade in standard ASTM A536, 400-12 is ductile iron material grade in Australia standard AS 1831. 60-40-18 is equal designation as 400-12, but just has higher elongation. In China, the equal grade is QT400-18 or QT400-15.

60-40-18 ductile iron, 400-12 cast iron properties

This cast iron grade is the lowest grade for ductile iron. Its tensile strength is min. 414 Mpa (60.000 psi), its yield strength is min. 276 Mpa (40.000 psi), and elongation is min. 18%. As for the 400-12 in Australian standard AS 1831, the elongation will be min. 12%.

Elongation is meaning that the test bar could be pulled and lengthened by min. 18%. On this aspect, this material grade has the best elongation property, which means it has best ductility. Moreover, it has the best long temperature impact property. Because of this good property, this material grade has been used widely.

60-40-18 ductile iron, 400-12 cast iron hardness

Hardness can not be taken as the inspection standard except that clients have special requirements. However, normally, the ductile iron castings made by this grade will be in the hardness range of 149-187 Brinell hardness.

Lower may mean that the material grade has not reached to this grade, and higher hardness may cause the difficulty and low speed of machining. So, normally, iron foundries should produce this grade of ductile iron castings in this range. The hardness could be adjusted by chemical composition.

60-40-18 ductile iron, 400-12 cast iron chemistry

According to the standard ASTM A536 and AS 1831, the cast iron foundries could adjust the chemical composition by themselves as long as the mechanical and physical properties of the castings could meet the requirements in Standards.

However, there is an approximate chemical composition range as the following. This range is just for reference, and can not be taken as the inspection yard.



C %

Si %

Mn %

P %

S %

Mg %









60-40-18 ductile iron, 400-12 cast iron density

The density of this ductile iron grade is about 7.3 g/cm3.

60-40-18 ductile iron castings made in China foundry

These ductile iron castings were made by Dandong Foundry in China.

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