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The hardness after heat treatment of 416, 410, 420 stainless steel castings

The extrusion steel bar of SS416 and SS410 have higher density, tensile strength  and hardness than gravity castings, such as sand casting, lost wax investment castings. So, even if you get qualified hardness after quenching heat treatment by extrusion steel bar SS416, it will not mean you will get the same hardness by gravity castings, which will be softer.

So, if you want to get the same hardness as SS416 or SS410, then you should choose to use SS420 made by gravity casting process.

By the way, SS416 has higher Sulfur content than SS410, although S will help to get better machining speed, but it will cause lots of defects during casting production, so only few casting foundries in China could produce SS416 steel very well.

It is a pity that our foundry can not product 416 steel, but we can produce SS410, SS420 and SS430.

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