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Article Archive Oct. 2011

Dandong Foundry is a professional Iron and Steel Casting Manufacturer in China. We share some standards
 and experiences to help buyers to better understand some technical issues with iron and steel castings. 

  1. GOST 7293 - Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron, SG Iron - on Oct. 31, 2011
    GOST 7293 is a Russian standard for SG cast iron (also called as ductile iron). This specification has stipulated the mechanical properties, elongation and hardness range of SG iron, and issue a recommended chemical composition.
  2. EN-GJL-200, Grey Cast Iron GG20 - on Oct. 28, 2011
    EN-GJL-200 is a low grade of grey cast iron according to Germany standard DIN EN 1561, it can also be written as EN-JL1030, 0.6020 or GG20 according to new standard DIN 1691.
  3. Sand Casting Process - Green Sand, Resin Sand, Shell Molding, Dry Sand - on Oct. 27, 2011
    There are many types of casting methods, such as die casting, lost foam casting, permanent mold, continuous mold, lost wax investment casting etc., but sand casting process is still the most common casting process.
  4. Butterfly valve body, ductile iron casting - on Oct. 26, 2011
    Our foundry produced some small and large butterfly valve bodies for our clients, most of them were made by ductile iron. Both rough castings and machining have high requirements.
  5. DIN 1684 - General tolerances and machining allowances for malleable cast iron castings - on Oct. 25, 2011
    This standard is for stipulating the general dimensional tolerances of rough malleable iron castings, including the thickness tolerance. Moreover, it also shows the permissible machining allowances for this type of cast iron.
  6. Cast Steel vs Ductile Iron - on Oct. 24, 2011
    In the previous article, we have compared the cast iron and cast steel, herein, we will discuss cast steel versus ductile iron.
  7. Produce small batch iron and steel castings - on Oct. 21, 2011
    Dandong Foundry accept small orders, and can produce small batch iron and steel castings. Small batch production is different with large quantity production.
  8. Cast Iron Costs, Sand Casting Production - on Oct. 20, 2011
    As for sand castings, the cast iron production costs include many aspects, such as pig iron prices, manpower costs, material costs, machining, heat treatment, painting, packing, foundry coke and sand costs.
  9. Rockwell Hardness (HRC, HRB) to Brinell Hardness (HB or BHN) Conversion - on Oct. 19, 2011
    Hardness is very important for producing rough metal castings, heat treatment and machining process. Rockwell Hardness (HRC and HRB) and Brinell Hardness (HB or BHN) are most commonly used for steel and iron castings.
  10. Casting Defects - Sand Mold, Metal Casting - on Oct. 17, 2011
    Introducing various metal casting defects with many pictures by Dandong Foundry in China. These are the common sand casting defects on the surface and inside of cast iron and cast steel parts.
  11. ASTM A319, A126, A278 - Standards for Gray Iron Castings - on Oct. 14, 2011
    Brief introduction to ASTM A319, A126, A278 standards for gray iron castings by Dandong Foundry in China.
  12. Metal Foundry and Casting Process - on Oct. 13, 2011
    Foundry is also called as casting or founding, which is a kind of production method for metal parts. The process is melt metal into hot liquid, make molds, then pour the liquid metal into the molds.
  13. CSN 42 grades for grey and ductile iron castings - on Oct. 12, 2011
    CSN 42 grades are Czech material standard from grey cast iron and ductile cast iron. It is difficult to find the specification to this standard, but we find the table of comparisons between CSN and DIN 1691 and DIN 1693.
  14. Defective Castings, Waste, Inferior Quality, Back Repaired and Scrap Castings - on Oct. 11, 2011
    The metal castings can not meet the commonly used standards, or can not meet the requirements in the purchase orders, then these castings should be taken as rejects, defective products.
  15. Iron Casting Price Sheet, Quotation, Offer - on Oct. 10, 2011
    This is a sample of price sheet, quotation for iron castings from Dandong Foundry in China, including the raw casting cost, machining cost and painting, packing, shipping costs.
  16. ASTM A159 - Standard Specification for Automotive Gray Iron Castings - on Oct. 09, 2011
    This specification applies to gray iron castings, cast in sand molds, used in the products of the automobile, truck, tractor, and allied industries.
  17. Boiler Soot Collector - Iron Casting - on Oct. 08, 2011
    Soot collector tube and iron vane are main cast iron parts for boilers. In the past, welding with steel plates are the main method to get these parts, but steel plates are easily rusted, so alloy cast iron is the better choice for producing them.
  18. Cast Iron Pan, Grey Iron Cookware Made in China - on Oct. 07, 2011
    Our Dandong Foundry is producing this type of small cast iron pan for our clients. This pan is small and sessile, which is a widely used cookware in Japan.
  19. Cast Steel Defects, Sand Casting - Shrinkage, Sand Inclusion, Blowhole, Porosity, Crack - on Oct. 06, 2011
    Steel castings made by sand casting process always have some casting defects, such as shrinkage, sand inclusion, blowhole, porosity and cracks etc.
  20. China Cast Iron Pipe and Fittings Production - on Oct. 05, 2011
    Cast iron pipe is a kind of pipe used in water supply networks mostly. The world's annual output of cast iron pipe is about 700 million tons and increasing quickly by the rate of 3% annually.
  21. ASTM A48 Class 30 - Gray Cast Iron on Oct. 04, 2011
    ASTM A48 class 30 is the most common material of gray cast iron. It is USA grade, also equal to GG20 in Germany, HT200 in China, FC200 in Japan, G20 in Italy, T220 in Australia or ISO 200.



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