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Article Archive Aug. 2011

Dandong Foundry is a professional Iron and Steel Casting Manufacturer in China. We share some standards
 and experiences to help buyers to better understand some technical issues with iron and steel castings. 

  1. What is Machining Tolerances? - on Aug. 31, 2011
    Machining tolerances are meaning how many dimensional allowances the casting producer need to leave for the machining works. Please see the following diagram.
  2. The development and current situation of metal foundries worldwide - on Aug. 30, 2011
    Nowadays, the casting fields are proceeding a great development, at the same time, the metal foundries also meet great challenges.
  3. China Foundry Introduction - on Aug. 29, 2011
    Introduction to China foundry, including their casting process, machining equipments, main products, inspection devices, and other main aspects.
  4. The Application of Hardness Tester for Metal Casting - on Aug. 26, 2011
    Brinell hardness is the first option for metal casting hardness test, especially for the relatively coarse grain gray iron castings, Brinell hardness tester is the only choice.
  5. Metal Foundry News - on Aug. 26, 2011
    Foundry News lists latest information related to metal casting industry, including casting prices, technology, comments, exhibition, trade show etc.
  6. How to choose the suitable metal casting methods - on Aug. 25, 2011
    With the development of industry techniques, the metal casting techniques also develop faster and faster, there is a lot of metal casting techniques appearance, but the standards, quality, accuracy, production cost and automation of metal castings are increasing, so to choose a suitable casting method is very important.
  7. Iron Casting Hardness and Tensile Strength - on Aug. 24, 2011
    Foundry industry is an important branch of mechanical industry, due to the existence of graphite, cast iron is endowed with excellent casting properties, cutting performance, antifriction performance, damping performance and low notch sensitivity.
  8. ASTM A476 / A476M Standard Specification for Ductile Iron Castings for Paper Mill Dryer Rolls - on Aug. 23, 2011
    This specification covers ductile iron castings for use in pressure containing paper mill dryer rolls ate temperatures up to 450 Fahrenheit degree.
  9. The Surface Quality of Iron and Steel Castings - on Aug. 22, 2011
    Surface smoothness and defectives are important quality aspects of iron and steel castings. Some steel casting purchasers may wonder why the surface quality of steel castings is worse than iron castings, such as lower surface smoothness, more surface sand holes, air holes, and sand residuals.
  10. Price Assessment of Metal Castings - on Aug. 19, 2011
    The price assessment of metal castings is based on the cost of sales, and the expected profit, sales taxes and selling expenses should also be considered.
  11. The Trend of Chinese Metal Castings - on Aug. 18, 2011
    As for the development trend of Chinese metal castings, we can take the Guangdong province as example, from 2002, the casting industries are developing very fast.
  12. The situation and development of Metal Castings in Japan - on Aug. 16, 2011
    Analysis by synthesis, casting industry is the basic industry in Japan. We should recognize that the casting industries in Japan are rising; they export products to China and India whose markets are growing, so it will appear various endeavors to acquire competitive force.
  13. The development and problems of resin sand casting process - on Aug. 15, 2011
    Resin sand casting began in the 1950s, has now been for decades in foundry industry, and its production technology and equipment has been very mature and improved. Compared with the traditional clay sand castings, resin sand casting products has small surface roughness, high dimensional accuracy, and good quality.
  14. ASTM A436 - 1997 / ASTM A439 - 1999 for Austenitic Cast Iron - on Aug. 12, 2011
    This is an America standard for the physical properties, mechanical properties and chemical analysis of austenitic cast iron. The types of austenitic cast iron include austenitic gray cast iron and austenitic ductile cast iron.
  15. Development Status and Trends of Large Casting Industry - on Aug. 11, 2011
    Since the 1960s, casting industry around the world has developed rapidly, but in the 1980s, the growth rate slowed down. For more than 20 years, large casting production in the United States dropped from 13.88 million tons in 1981 to 11.81 million tons in 2002.
  16. ASTM A128 / A128M-1998 for High Manganese Cast Steel - on Aug. 10, 2011
    High manganese steel is the carbon content of 0.9% to 1.3%, manganese content of 11.0% to 14.0% of the cast steel, and it has good toughness and wears resistance. High manganese steel castings are widely used in the engineering machinery and, mining machinery etc.
  17. How can casting foundry make products light weight, energy-saving and emission-reduction - on Aug. 09, 2011
    In order to carry out energy-saving and emission-reduction, the cast foundries should start from choosing raw materials, then we can save energy consume, increase the use of source.
  18. The Advantages of Steel Castings - on Aug. 08, 2011
    Steel castings are widely used in our life and their advantages include design flexibility, metallurgical versatility, weight flexibility, reliability and economic benefits.
  19. DIN 1692-82 for malleable cast iron - on Aug. 05, 2011
    The types of malleable cast iron include black coring and white coring malleable cast iron. White coring malleable cast iron has higher toughness by the decarburization annealing process, and black coring has not decarburization annealing process.
  20. Steel casting development in recent years - on Aug. 04, 2011
    Steel casting technology develops very fast around the world for its widely application, and its development is a great contribution to human beings and our wonderful life.
  21. How to Care for Cast Iron Cookware - on Aug. 02, 2011
    Cast iron cookware as a part in daily life is essential and important to a family, and how to care for cast iron cookware to make it durable is every housewife’s concern. Cast iron cookware can stand the test of time if properly cared for.



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