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CSN 42 grades for grey and ductile iron castings

CSN 42 grades are Czech material standard from grey cast iron and ductile cast iron. It is difficult to find the specification to this standard, but we find the table of comparisons between CSN and DIN 1691 and DIN 1693.

Grey cast iron

CSN DIN 1691
CSN 42 2415 GG15
CSN 42 2420 GG20
CSN 42 2425 GG25

Ductile cast iron

CSN DIN 1693
CSN 42 2304 GGG40
CSN 42 2305 GGG50
CSN 42 2306 GGG60

Cast steel

CSN 12 010 DIN GS-Ck 10
CSN 12 020 DIN GS-Ck 15
CSN 42 2640 DIN GS-Ck 25
CSN 42 2650 DIN GS-Ck 52
CSN 42 2660 DIN GS-Ck 60
CSN 42 2670 DIN GS-Ck 70

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