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Defective Castings, Waste, Inferior Quality, Back Repaired
and Scrap Castings

The metal castings can not meet the commonly used standards, or can not meet the requirements in the purchase orders, then these castings should be taken as rejects, defective products.

Defective castings can be divided into waste castings, inferior-quality castings, back repaired castings and scrap returns.

Waste castings means the metal castings can not meet the requirements of purchase order, and can not be used functionally for clients, or the castings can not be repaired or the repairing costs are too much comparatively.

Inferior-quality castings means the metal casting have defects, such as small amount sand inclusion on the surfaces, but the defects will not affect the application of castings. In other words, the castings are still useful. There are many reasons caused the inferior-quality castings, such as casting defects, mechanical damage during delivery, or machining problems.

Back repaired castings means the inferior-quality castings, which are still worth to repairing. Welding is a normal repairing method to metal castings, moreover, as for the pressure castings, vacuum - impregnants is also a repairing method.

Scrap returns are actually the waste castings. These waste castings could be re-collected by producers, and can be used as the raw material of production.

Visual Defects of Iron Castings

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