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Article Archive August 2012

Dandong Foundry is a professional Iron and Steel Casting Manufacturer in China. We share some standards
 and experiences to help buyers to better understand some technical issues with iron and steel castings. 

  1. The Difference between Cast Iron and Ductile Iron - on Aug. 31, 2012
    Some customers asked us about the difference between cast iron and ductile iron, including their advantages and disadvantages. Herein, we listed their main properties and hope to give you a reference for material selection.
  2. SG Iron Grades - on Aug. 29, 2012
    SG iron is also called as spheroidal graphite cast iron, in USA, they are also called as ductile iron. There are many different sg iron grades in different countries and standards, however, most of grades have similar requirements to the mechanical properties, especially to tensile strength, yield strength and elongation.
  3. Grey Iron Grades - on Aug. 28, 2012
    There are many different grey iron grades in different countries and standards, however, most of grades have same requirements to the mechanical properties, especially to tensile strength.
  4. The prices and production for pedestal, foundation support castings - on Aug. 27, 2012
    Some customers want to use steel boards or cast steels to make metal bases, pedestal and foundation supports. But we prefer to use cast iron materials to produce them. Let us explain the advantages and prices.
  5. Grey and Ductile Iron Castings - on Aug. 19, 2012
    Dandong Foundry is a professional metal casting manufacturer mainly producing grey and ductile iron castings. The followings are our main products.
  6. EN-GJS-400-15, GGG40 Cast Iron Material - on Aug. 17, 2012
    EN-GJS-400-15 is a very common cast iron material grades in Europe standard DIN EN 1563, which is equivalent to GGG40 in standard DIN 1693. The followings are its equivalent grades, material specification, chemical composition, density and hardness.
  7. The Property of Ductile Cast Iron - on Aug. 15, 2012
    The shape of the graphite is sphere, so cast iron is called ductile cast iron, or nodular iron. The graphite cast irons increase the machinery property, especially plasticity and tenacity, so increase the intensity.
  8. Methods to Reduce the Prices of Metal Castings - on Aug. 13, 2012
    With the global economic crisis, reducing prices and production costs have been paid more attention for the buyers of metal castings, such as iron and steel castings. According to our experience in Dandong Foundry in China, we suggest the following methods.
  9. EN-GJS-600-3, DUCTILE CAST IRON GGG60 - on Aug. 03, 2012
    EN-GJS-600-3 is a ductile cast iron grade in European standard EN 1563, which is equivalent to GGG60 in Germany standard DIN 1693. The followings are its other equivalent grades, chemical composition, mechanical properties and iron castings.



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