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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wet Green Sand Casting

Wet green sand uses clay and moderate amount of water as the main binder, and it is closed and poured directly under wet condition after molding. Wet green sand casting has a long history and wide application. And this article will mainly introduce both the advantages and disadvantages.

Wet green sand casting mainly has five advantages:

1. The clay resource is very rich and cheap.

2. Most of the wet green sand used can be recycled by appropriate treatment for reuse.

3. The manufacturing cycle is very short and the working-efficiency is high.

4. The sand mixed can be used for quite a long time.

5. The sand can still suffer a small amount of solid deformation without damage after it is pounded, which is very favorable for withdrawing and core setting.

The disadvantages of wet green sand casting are:

1. When mixing sand, you need to coat thick clay slurry on the surface of the sand, and you need to use high-power devices with rubbing function, otherwise, it is impossible to get good quality sand.

2. Since after mixture, the sand has very high strength, when molding, the sand is not easy to flow, and it is difficult to pound, and hand molding is not only laborious but also needs certain skills, while machine molding needs complex and large device.

3. The stiffness of the mold is not high, and the dimensional accuracy of castings is relatively poor.

4. The castings are prone to having washed sand, slag, porosity and other iron casting defects.

Though green sand casting has its disadvantages, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and with the development of green sand casting, more and more methods are taken to improve the castings, therefore, this traditional process is still widely used to produce a large amount of qualified castings.

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