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Cast iron ASTM A48 class 35 is equal to HT250, FC250, GG25, G25, FGL250, T260, O125, which is a type of high grade gray cast iron. The followings are its application, physical properties, chemical composition and our opinion.

This iron grade is widely used to produce many castings with high tensile strength and hardness, high degree of tightness or corrosion resistance requirements, such as boiler sprocket wheels, cylinder, gear, bases, flywheels, machinery bed, cylinder block, cylinder liner, piston, gear box, brake wheel, coupling plate, medium pressure valve bodies etc.

As for this grade of iron, the tensile strength of test bar should be min. 250 MPa, the hardness should be 190-240 HB. The metallographic structure should be pearlite.

The normal chemical composition should be C = 2.8-3.3, Si = 1.2-1.7, Mn = 0.8-1.2, P ≤ 0.15, S ≤ 0.12. However, physical properties could be the inspection standard, but chemical composition is just the reference data from experience of iron foundries, which could not be the inspection specification.

Although A48 class 35 grey iron is a common material, and its application is very wide, but its total production volume is not large compared with other cast iron materials. It is because its hardness is difficult to control in production. If the brinell hardness is higher than 200, then it will bring difficulty to drill and milling machining. Lower than 200 will cause the grade reduced to class 30. Therefore, if ASTM A48 class 30 could meet your requirements of application, then it will be the better choice than class 35.

The most of iron foundries in China could produce this grade of iron, however, if you have strict hardness requirements, you could denote the requirements clearly on the drawings. The hardness will be the key technical issue for both production and inspection.

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