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ISO 7168, DIN ISO 7168 - F, M, G, SG Tolerances

ISO 7168 - 2 comes from DIN ISO 7168 - 1, which is a general dimensional tolerance standard. This standard mainly divided the tolerances as four degrees as f, m, g and sg. Although it is a little coarse, but it can be applicable for most of dimensional tolerance for iron, steel and aluminum castings. Normally this standard is applicable for indicating the unspecified tolerances of machining dimensions.

1. "F" degree means "fine", so it is the highest tolerance degree for the dimensions. So, the manufacturers should take more care to these dimensions, normally, the CNC centers and numerically controlled machining tools will be necessary.

2. "M" degree means "medium", so it is lower than "F" degree. Normal controlled machining tools can meet the tolerance requirements. But rough castings or rough machining will not reach this level.

3. "G" degree means "coarse", which is from German word "grob". Rough machining can meet the requirements, and moreover, some rough castings made by some precision casting processes can also meet the tolerance, such as die casting and vacuum investment casting.

4. "SG" degree means "very coarse", which is from German word " sehr grob". This is most coarse degree in this standard, so most rough machining can meet the requirements, but only some precision castings can reach this level, it is still too strict for most of sand casting process.

As for the specific permissible deviations for linear dimensions, external radii and chamfer heights, please refer our article DIN 7168.

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