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Brief of China Metal Foundry Industry

For many metal casting buyers, especially those foreign buyers, some basic facts of China’s metal foundry industry are significant, so in this article, we will provide you some basic information for your reference.

The casting production in China has surpassed the United States since 2000 and ranked first in the world for six consecutive years, which in 2004 is 22.42 million tons and about 26 million tons in 2005, the annual output value is more than 250 billion RMB yuan. The production of castings in China is 1 / 4 of the world's total production and making China the world's production base of metal castings.

The producers of castings can be divided into two categories. One is the developing countries, with the characteristics of large production, low value-added, a lot of small enterprises and employees, and significant black metal proportion. The other is the developed countries such as Japan, the United States and Europe, and they mainly use high-tech to produce high value-added castings. Developed countries in general have advanced casting technology, better product quality, high production efficiency, and low environmental pollution and systemized raw materials.

From the volume and labor productivity parts, Europe, America, Japan have a large advantages, Japan's labor productivity is 140 tons per capita per year, and China is estimated to be only about 20 tons. China's labor cost is less than 2 dollar per hour and has a large gap compared with the developed countries, which makes China have export advantages. However, material prices soared in recent years, and China's advantages in casting export in material cost disappear.

In metal casting quality and grade, we are far behind the developed countries. In recent years, despite the growth of China's exports of iron and steel castings, China's total exports accounted for only 97% and the world casting market volume is less than 8%, and the growth in general is slow, and accompanied with poor quality, low prices. For a long time, the exports of metal castings are mainly low-grade products, all kinds of pipe fittings, radiator, kitchen and bath products account for 36%. Although some export castings are up to international standards, to meet European standards, we still have a long way to go.

Cast iron producers in China are mainly distributed in the eastern, and production in the western of China is less. At present, there are about 24,000 iron foundries and the employees are about 1.2 million.

In terms of size and level, we have large metal foundries with advanced technology, high degree of mechanization, and large annual production, such as heavy industry, automotive industry, and aviation industry. We also have small foundries with backward technology, simple equipment, manual operation, and little annual output.

As an important foundry in China, Dandong Foundry is committed to improving the production equipment and providing high quality iron and steel castings.

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