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Cast Steel Price Calculator

Some buyers want to get the price quotation instantly, or just want to make a price evaluation or estimation to their steel castings. This calculator is made by our Dandong Foundry in China. It can be used to calculate the casting prices for carbon steel and alloy steel, including their raw casting costs, machining costs, painting and packing costs, so EXW prices.

For the simpler price evaluation, please refer to our "Cast Steel Prices Per Pound, Kilogram and Ton".

If you are confused to use this calculator, please refer to "Cast Steel Price Calculator User Manual".

Just need to input or select the following items, to descript the steel casting parts:

1. Cast Steel Chemical Composition:    Cr:     Mo:     Ni:     Cu:
 [If the material is carbon steel, such as mild steel, medium-carbon steel or high-carbon steel, just leave the above as blank.]
 [If the material is alloy steel or stainless steel, please input chemical composition. No need to input C, Si, Mn, S, P.]

2. Casting Weight (kg/piece):
   [Please input the unit weight of casting part, and select what weight it is.]

                                                This is the Raw Casting Weight before Machining
                                               This is the Finish Weight after Machining Process
                                                [The unit weight denotation on the drawings of rough castings will be "Raw Casting Weight."]
                                                [The unit weight denotation on the machining drawings will be "Finished Part Weight."]

3. Complexity of Castings:
Very Simple [simple shapes, no inside cavity]

                                            Normal [normal shape, simple inside structures]

                                           Complex [complex outer shapes and inside structures]

                                           Very Complex [very complex casting parts, or special shapes]

4. Selection of Casting Process: 

                                      [If you have known the suitable casting process, please select the following options.]
                                      [Please be careful! The different casting processes will affect the casting prices very largely.]

                                     No Requirement to Production Process                                              

                                     Sand Casting Process - low requirements to the surface quality and defects.
                                     Water Glass Lost Wax Investment Casting - good surface quality and less defects.
                                    Silica Sol Lost Wax Investment Casting - the best surface quality and almost no defects.

If you want to learn about the difference of above casting processes, please refer to "steel casting production process".

5. Machining Description:  No Machining, or Only Need Raw Castings
                                          [Please choose the machining complexity by your judgment if machining is needed.]
                                          [The following photos could be your reference for the complexity of machining works.]
                                          Simple Machining, or Only Need Rough Machining
                                          Normal Machining, but no need CNC centers
                                          Complex Machining, or Need High Precision Machining
                                          Very Complex Machining, or lots of machining works

6. Surface Painting and Coating:  No Need Painting or only use common anti-rust oil
                                                     Primer Painting for Anti-Rust during sea delivery
                                                     Finish Painting, Gloss or Matte
                                                     Powder Coating
                                                     Electro Galvanizing, Cold Zinc Plating
                                                     Hot Dip Galvanizing (HDG)
                                                     Heat Resistance Paint
                                                     Electrophoretic Coating

7. Packing and Delivery to Local Seaport:  No Need Packing or Delivery
                                                                   Need Packing, but No Need Delivery
                                                                   Need Packing, and Delivery to Local Seaport in China

8. Sea Freight Cost to the Following Seaport:  No Need Sea Freight
                                                                         to Los Angeles Port in USA
                                                                         to Long Beach Port in USA
                                                                         to Cleveland Port in USA
                                                                         to Portland Port in USA
                                                                         to New York Port in USA
                                                                         to Felixstowe Port in UK
                                                                         to Fremantle Port in Australia
                                                                         to Brisbane Port in Australia
                                                                         to Hamburg Port in Germany

After completion of above description, please click  

Price index RG = Price index FG =
Exchange rate USD to RMB =

The followings are the prices for your casting products:

1. Casting Cost (USD/PCS):       

2. Machining Cost (USD/PCS):   

3. Painting Cost (USD/PCS):      

4. Package Cost (USD/PCS):      

5. Sea Freight Cost (USD/PCS): 

6. Sum Price, FOB in China (USD/PCS):        

7. Sum Price, CIF Your Seaport (USD/PCS): 

* Sum Price, FOB in China - including the costs of casting, machining, painting, packing and delivery to local seaport in China.

* Sum Price, CIF Your Searport - including the costs of casting, machining, painting, packing and sea freight to your seaport.

* If you choose "No Need Sea Freight", the "Sum Price CIF" will be same as "FOB in China", the CIF price is only for reference.

The price results are only based on our experience and normal circumstances, it could be a reference for your price evaluation, but can not be taken as our official quotation. The accurate prices should be quoted after checking the detailed requirements and drawings.

We are improving this calculator to calculate the casting prices more accurate, and enable calculation for other costs, such as painting, packing and pattern costs. If you have good advice or any question, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!

For the pattern cost, mould cost or tooling cost, please refer to our "Pattern Cost for Cast Iron Castings, Cast Steel Castings".





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