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  Rubber Coated Plow Press Wheel with Bearings  

The rubber coated plow press wheel is composed of cast iron wheel, shaft sleeve and bearings. The cast iron wheel is made of ductile iron and the shaft sleeve is made of carbon steel.

Before rubber coating, the cast iron wheel should not be coated with anti-rust oil, otherwise the rubber can not adhere to the cast iron wheel, so our Dandong Foundry will coat the cast iron wheel with anti-rust oil timely after rubber coating, otherwise, the positions without rubber will be rusted quickly.

The surface of the rubber coated plow press wheel must be smooth and flat, and there must be no bulging.

After the bearings on both sides of the plow press wheel are installed, the shaft sleeve between the bearings should be able to move freely.

Rubber Coated Plow Press Wheel with Bearings


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